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It’s More than a Home, It’s a Lifestyle.

We understand that buying a home is so much more than finding the right house. Locating schools, parks, and the conveniences that fit your needs are are a huge part to finding the perfect home. With Amanda’s extensive knowledge of the North Dallas and surrounding areas, we are sure to find the perfect location and the perfect home for you and your family.

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Customer Satisfaction is Amanda’s ultimate priority. She is an observant listener who gains a clear understanding of each person’s unique individual needs. With her background in Marketing, Amanda use’s innovative sales techniques and marketing programs for her client’s. With her seasoned negotiation, sales and marketing experiences; she is a valuable asset to anyone who is seeking to buy or sell a home.
Dedicated to helping her clients sell and purchase Real Estate, Amanda specializes in residential properties in North & East Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and Richardson.

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will make, with long-term financial ramifications. It calls for many informed decisions and for good advice from a real estate professional. When buying a home, you can learn from the knowledge and skill of a Real Estate Agent.

What can Real Estate Agents do to help you buy the right home for you?

They will help you determine how much home you can actually afford. Often, they can suggest additional ways to accrue the down payment and explain alternative financing methods. They can also introduce you to a mortgage counselor and arrange to have you “pre-approved” which can improve your negotiating position and enable you to achieve your home-buying objectives faster and with less stress.
Providing client level services, they can work for you as a buyer’s agent and help negotiate the best price and terms for you. Or, they can serve as a seller’s sub-agent (or disclosed dual agent), acting as a liaison between you and the seller to present offers and counteroffers until an agreement is reached.
They will help you work out a realistic idea of the home best suited to your needs – size, style, features, location, accessibility to schools, transportation, shopping, and other personal preferences.
They have access to a listing of all available homes in the multi-list system, can evaluate them in terms of your needs and affordability, and will not waste your time showing you unsuitable homes.
They can often suggest simple, imaginative changes that could make a home more suitable for you and improve its utility and value.
They can supply information on real estate values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services and facilities, and may be aware of proposed zoning changes that could affect your decision to buy.
Although the law does not normally require an attorney to review documents or oversee real estate closings, they can provide you with a list of law practitioners to choose from if you would like to use the services of an attorney.
They can help familiarize you with the closing process and they will obtain closing figures in advance of closing for your review.
They can provide you with a list of qualified home inspectors, pest inspectors, surveyors, and help to coordinate inspection appointments.
Sometimes, life just hands us the inevitable: just when everything seems right with your home, something happens and you have to sell your dwelling. No matter what your reasons are for selling, remember that now is no time to dawdle, the process of preparing a home for sale can take a month or more. So, here’s how to start:

1. Take a Fresh Look at Your Home

Your home looks great to you, but a buyer wants to see it since he and his family will be living in it — so take a fresh look at your dwelling. Hop in your car, drive around the block, and then scrutinize your home as a prospective buyer will see it for the first time. First, consider what’s called “street appeal;” does it need washing or painting? Does the driveway need repair work? Is the landscaping in good shape? Remember, be very critical; your buyer will be.
Next, pull into the driveway and take a good, hard look. Is the yard neat and trimmed? What about the view from the front yard? Then, walk inside and size up the interior as though seeing it for the first time. Take a tour and imagine what your real estate agent might say about each room, look into cabinets, open doors, check out the bathroom.
Then, make a mental note of the things that might put off potential buyers, along with another list of the things that first attracted you to the dwelling. Remember, the home’s become a great place for you, but a new buyer will see things that you don’t.

2. Clean Out the Clutter Before You Start to Sell

Before putting your home on the market, get rid of clutter in every area — closets, attic storage, kitchen cabinets, drawers, bath vanities, and shelves — everywhere. Remember, this is no time to be sentimental: if you don’t use it, lose it. Potential buyers are seriously put off by clutter, and most of us drag a lot more things through life than we really need.
Also, don’t forget the furniture and fixtures when getting rid of clutter — most of us put too much in too little space, which makes a buying prospect, think your home is too small.
Then, have a great moving sale with all the stuff you’ve collected and use the proceeds for paint or whatever other materials you need for repair projects. If you just can’t bear to part with some possessions, store them in the attic or some other place that’s out of sight to a potential buyer.

3. To Sell, Sell, Sell — Clean, Clean, Clean

After you’ve cleared out the clutter, it’s time to really clean. Have the carpets professionally cleaned, strip and polish the floors, scour the bathrooms, go over the laundry room, polish the furniture, scour out the cabinets, wash the windows and window coverings, and spiff up the ceiling fans and kitchen appliances. In short, clean everything.
Don’t forget the exterior; paint or power-wash everything that needs the work. Remember, this is a ceiling-to-floor, roof-to-foundation clean-up project.

4. Get More for Your Home: Repairs Pay Off

After you’ve cleaned the place to within an inch of its life, the next project is making all the repairs necessary to attract a buyer.
So, patch up the roof, touch up all the paint, repair the screens, spruce up the porch framing, and make your entry area really shine. Don’t forget to water the lawn and landscape beds, and take the time to trim, mow, edge and get rid of sick or dying plants. Inside, fix the grout in the bathrooms and on tile floors, adjust any doors that need it, fix any scratches on the walls, cover any stains, and be sure to fix any plumbing problems. Remember, do what your home needs before the first buyer appears at your door.
Also, it’s a good idea to get all this done before getting the real estate broker to make the first listing — a good agent will advise you on what needs to be done. Also, if you have friends willing to be brutally honest about what your home needs to sell, invite them to assess the fix-up needs.
There is, however, an alternative to the sweat equity you get from a total fix-up –but it carries a price. An “as-is” sale keeps you from doing all this work, but a buyer will assess about twice the price you would have paid for the repairs. Then, the buyer will deduct that amount from your asking price before making an offer.

5. Putting Your Home on the Market: Show It to Sell It

After you have cleaned, shined, mowed, and generally whipped your property into shape, it’s time to attract a buyer.
Regardless of who markets your home, you or a broker, there are other, small things you must do to attract buyers. For example, even if it’s bright daylight, open the blinds and turn on the lights. Also, open all the interior doors to make the home appear roomier. Be sure to remove all your kids and pets — they’re cute, but a prospect wants to see your home, not your pride and joy. In addition, make sure your pet’s litter pan is clean so the home smells clean and fresh, not like air freshener. Remember, you need to make sure your home is available to be seen by a prospective buyer with as little notice as possible. That means less than an hour, or even five minutes, if possible.

6. Get a Sense of the Market

Before you put your home on the market, take a weekend day to check out the competition: homes with similar prices and in similar neighborhoods. Remember, you don’t have to go out and buy new furniture just to look like that beautiful new model in the new development — what you want is the feel of that new model — clean, uncluttered, and fresh.
Remember, after location, the most important item to a buyer is a well maintained home. Many flaws can be overlooked if the buyer knows he can move in without a lot of trouble and expense.

Home Price Appreciation

How can I improve the value of my property?

Outside of a homeowner’s control, the biggest factor is market conditions. Other important issues are:

    • condition of the property
    • specific home improvements
    • neighborhood stability and safety

The greatest rise in home prices occurs when the economy is strong and the number of home sales is increasing. Specific home improvements can increase the value above the cost of the improvements.

    • remodeled bathroom returns, 81 percent to the owner
    • bathroom addition, 89 percent
    • master bedroom suite, 82 percent

Remember, quality pays. Well-planned and well-executed remodeling jobs are a good investment while bad work seldom enhances value or livability.
The safety and security of a neighborhood can affect property values, too. If you live in a high-crime area, an organized community watch program not only will lower the crime rate but give home values a boost, too.

How can I increase the value of my property?

Specific home improvements can increase your property value above the cost of the improvements themselves, such as remodeling a kitchen, adding a bathroom, finishing a basement or upgrading landscaping. Just be sure that quality pays with remodeling. A bad remodeling job will do little to boost your property value.
If you live in a high-crime area, an organized community watch program not only will lower the crime rate but can enhance property values, too. It also helps to live in an area where other homeowners are upgrading their homes, which can help pull up your property value, too.
The bottom line is to measure the cost of any improvements you want to make against the overall values in your neighborhood. If you over improve for the neighborhood, you may not necessarily recover your costs or boost your property value significantly.

About Us

Amanda Christensen
Amanda ChristensenREALTOR

Meet Amanda

Customer Satisfaction is Amanda’s ultimate priority. She is an observant listener who gains a clear understanding of each person’s unique individual needs. With her background in Marketing, Amanda use’s innovative sales techniques and marketing programs for her client’s. With her seasoned negotiation, sales and marketing experiences; she is a valuable asset to anyone who is seeking to buy or sell a home.

Prior to turning her sales and marketing expertise to real estate, Amanda was an Executive and College recruiter. She has a degree in Fashion Marketing and has continued studies in Business, in which she is an honor student.

Amanda considers herself a “city girl, with a country heart.” She was born and raised in the Mid-West and has had the opportunity to live in many other parts of the country. Through her versatile background she has gained insight to not only the vast variety’s of property and architecture that exists across the country but also to the variety of personality profiles and the property’s that accompany them. After all, just like people, house’s have souls and personalities. It has to be the right fit!

In her spare time Amanda enjoys spending quality time with her family. Most of her favorite pastimes are in the Arts such as design, fashion, painting and photography. Amanda also enjoy’s living an active lifestyle with running being at the top of her list of favorite activities.

Amanda’s commitment to the community spans from being a PTA member, frequent volunteer at her son’s school and the non-profit organization 1st Class Kids. She also enjoys coaching her son’s basketball and baseball teams.

Dedicated to helping her clients sell and purchase Real Estate, Amanda specializes in residential properties in North & East Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and Richardson.

About Dwell+Beyond

Code of Ethics

The Code establishes time-honored and baseline principles that come from the collective experiences of REALTORS® since the Code of Ethics was first established in 1913. Those principles can be loosely defined as:

Loyalty to clients;

Fiduciary (legal) duty to clients;

Cooperation with competitors;

Truthfulness in statements and advertising; and non-interference in exclusive relationships that other REALTORS® have with their clients.


To earn a designation, a REALTOR® a real estate agent has taken extensive coursework and demonstrated specific skills, performance and knowledge in a particular area of the real estate industry.

Graduate Realtor Institute
GRI, which stands for Graduate REALTOR® Institute, is a nationally recognized professional real estate designation

The GRI designation is considered the nation’s number one real estate designation


A REALTOR® is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is Amanda’s ultimate priority. She is an observant listener who gains a clear understanding of each person’s unique individual needs. With her background in Marketing, Amanda uses innovative sales techniques and marketing programs for her clients. She looks at every situation objectively and prides herself on her ability to perfectly handle all the details enabling her clients to focus on the excitement of the end result.

Helpful Information

The team at Dwell+Beyond prides itself on providing clients with the personal attention and level of service they require to make an important decision such as purchasing or selling a home. We strive to become a professional partner who listens to your needs, asks the right questions, provides honest answers and looks out for your best interests. Whether you are looking to put an architectural gem on the market or are searching for homes for sale, every element of the process will be looked after with great care and skill. We want to be a go-to source for information about any of your real estate questions. Here is a little more information that we feel is helpful, but if there is ever anything specific you are looking for, just ask!

What our clients say

“I have bought and sold many houses and worked with quite a few realtors and I would have to say that Amanda is the best by far. She is always responsive gathering all of the pertinent information I need to make quick decisions. This is
very important since I am an investor and properties go quickly. Amanda is friendly, professional, hard-working, honest and up-front. She is a HUGE asset to have on your side, whether your dealing with investment properties or your dream home. She goes over and above reaching out to the different parties and working behind the scenes to make things happen. I would definitely
recommend her to everyone I know.”
- M.Ponder, Plano TX
“Amanda has a great balance of professionalism and being personable that gives you that trust and confidence to work with her. Our experience with both the purchase and sale of our homes were effortless and enjoyable. Throughout the entire process we were always well informed of the stages in the process. We are grateful to have met and worked with Amanda.”
- J.Ragojo, Plano TX
“As a out-of-state buyer, finding the right home, in the right location and within my budget was not easy. From the beginning of my search, Amanda was able to filter out the optimum Real Estate that met my criteria. Her professionalism, local market knowledge and keen negotiating skills, all made for a simple and pleasant transaction. To have an agent, such as Amanda, working on your behalf, is a comforting feeling. I would definitely use her services again and consider her both a friend and a confidant in the N Dallas Community.”
- M. Whittaker, New Haven, CT - McKinney, TX
“It was a great pleasure working with Amanda! Moving from out of state and looking for a home can be very stressful. Amanda made the process much simpler. From showing us homes to answering our many questions. She was super responsive with any issue we had through the process. Even after closing she still helped us with questions about the house. I would highly recommend her! “
- I.Lopez, McKinney TX
“My family and I were moving to Texas from out-of-state and we were not familiar with the area at all. Amanda was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She took the time to listen to our needs, from a neighborhood and home perspective, and educate us on the different areas and home selections, and answer any questions we had. She was a consummate professional with impeccable follow-up. She truly went above and beyond what was expected. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”
- M.Talbott, McKinney TX

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